what’s refocus ?

Focus on better things in your life. Bring in better perspective and differing thoughts. Trying to put across my thoughts in more simple way. Mind was churning lot of things and I felt this will be a platform to place them in clear palette.

But I want to give credit to my friend for asking me to start one and try to keep this lively and varied. this rekindled to try my hand again at blogging.

About me:

Software Engineer, love new ideas and design.  History, archeology are fields those intrigues me. Books and music are better partners. I love the Agatha christie’s mind. Gadget world are something I always like to keep myself updated. Photography and photo editing recently became my interest. Startup business trends are something I love to read. Biographies of people those who broke the rules and their passion for perfectionism kindles me.


  1. The way u started is very nice. I am so proud to say go ahead and write more like this.
    Try to achieve new software system like user friendly.


  2. Good start.I can tell you have put a lot of work into it.I wish to take this opportunity to complement your web site.Keep up the good work!


  3. Hey,
    good to know that you ve come up with something like this….writing is never too hard. Starting to write-that’s the hardest part. With loafs of experiences and the urge to share the same with the others is one reason that is more than enough to take the pen (oh now the keypad). The more you write the more merry it becomes And that’s how you perfect you style and language.

    And about your “refocus”……I like it!!!

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